POPSHOP is a free coworking space in heart of Collegetown at Cornell University. We run public 3D printers and provide a common space to foster the open entrepreneurial culture at Cornell.

As part of the managing team, I help manage fundraising, setup events, manage the websites, and oversee various tasks to keep the space running smoothly.


POPSHOP is a new kind of working space and learning environment. Created as a month long experiment designed to enlist the local startup community to do epic things in the service of making the world a better place, POPSHOP has gone on to become so much more.

POPSHOP is a space for programmed exchange and chance encounters, a launchpad for startups and shenanigans. It's about filling the gaps between people, projects and disciplines. It's about welcoming the new and making connections between seemingly unconnected things.

Opening the new location.

Opening the new location.

John Austin