Dance with Friends

During the fall of 2012, I attended the Facebook Hackathon finals in Menlo Park with Sohan Jain, Jasdeep Hundal, and Harry Terkelsen. Over the course of about 20 hours, we built a fully multiplayer version of Dance Dance Revolution in the browser. Instead of keyboard input, the system tracked either the player's feet using the laptop webcam. Players stomped the ground in the correct area or touched the glowing arrows on screen to earn points and beat out their friends on the scoreboard. We ran all of our image recognition algorithms in the front-end through painfully optimized JavaScript, conveniently freeing any load from our server.

Play using your hands and a webcam.

Play using your hands and a webcam.

The server ran on NodeJS with a client in Backbone.js. We used WebRTC and websockets to shuffle data back and forth.

Multiplayer support was enabled through Facebook connect and allowed multiple people to compete against each other on the same song (though the only supported song choice was Gungam Style).

Feel free to look through the source.

John Austin